A beginner’s guide for investing in cryptocurrencies

Financial specialists such as investors are always trying to invest money into various assets for fulfilling their diversification requirements. Equity investors are often observed maintaining a portion of their portfolios in slightly unconnected asset categories, for example, gold and real estate. A small segment of investors are keen on purchasing pieces of art, collectibles, and old coins, as they come from a completely different class, generally unaffected by the present worldwide turmoil. Now, the time has come to welcome another asset category called cryptocurrencies which includes bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and many others.

Putting resources into cryptocurrencies requires a remarkable level of research and analysis, because a majority of these currencies have been freshly introduced in the digital ecosystem and present tremendous investment risks to less- researched investors. Data regarding the most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin is readily available and in abundance, making it a feasible investment choice, after necessary diligence.

But, with no real backing, technical analysis is the only way through which some amount of study can be conducted in regards to the future value increment of cryptocurrencies. We had earlier prepared an elaborate report concerning trading bitcoin with technical analysis is extreme. What can be said of other altcoins?

So, how do go about making an investment in cryptocurrencies? Do you just put evenly invest money in the leading 10 cryptocurrencies? Or, do you first comprehend the technical complexities of each coin first (as you would do in stocks by first understanding the business models), and later decide if it is a good investment? How would you shield yourself from scamcoins, which have developed in the course of recent years?

Here is the thing that I advise:

Understand the Coin – I feel there is a decent incentive in understanding how the altcoin functions. We are witnessing a plethora of organizations launching their cryptocoins in the expectation of a brisk ascent in value as investors search for underestimated cryptocurrencies in the digital space. The rapture encompassing new coins can be contrasted with IPOs in money markets, where each new IPO opens at a gigantic premium.

But, sharp investors will look at transparency, record-retention, timely audits, AML policy, and data dissemination to the general population on a regular basis before taking a stake in the altcoin. This practice helps them avoid the agony and embarrassment of having been conned by a scamcoin.

For cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and litecoin, occasions such as the block-reward halving, many witness heavy fund inflows.

Understand the Pair – Each cryptocurrency pair needs to known about in depth before an investment choice is made. A good example to comprehend this case would be the BTC-Yuan pair. Just yesterday, The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) devalued the base currency, the Chinese Yuan even further, giving a solid boost to the BTC-CNY pair which shot up 6%.

Old fashioned Advice

Try not to have all your investments tied up on one place. In my opinion, it is difficult to give a genuine price forecast for digital currencies in the long haul. Many may vanish or may scale new heights; it is yet unknown. But it’s better to make a smart bet rather than leaving all your money to luck!

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